Clinic Info & FAQ

 Note: Masking is optional for clients. Our therapists will mask at client’s request. We no longer require a symptom check form prior to treatment.


New Patients

New patients will be sent a Case History Form automatically by email when they book their first appointment. New patients should arrive 5 minutes before their appointment, as we have one additional consent form that must be reviewed and signed in-office. If you are more than 10 minutes early for your appointment, you may have to wait for entry to our building, as we will not be able to buzz you in until we have finished treating.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved for you. As a courtesy to your therapist and fellow patients, we require 24 hours advance notice or you will be responsible for the full treatment fee. If you start to have respiratory symptoms, contact us by email as soon as you notice them with a description of what you’re experiencing to waive the cancellation fee. Please note: Clients who no-show without contacting us beforehand will be charged the no-show fee even if they have symptoms.

You can notify us by email at

Clients who booked online may also cancel their appointments via the booking system, providing it is within the allowed window. If you you are unable to cancel your appointment online, you must send an email.


Street parking is available on Hastings and Howe, however it is expensive and open spots are hard to find.

To see more parking options search parking in Google Maps.


Our clinic accepts payment for treatment via cash, cheque, Interact, Visa and Mastercard. We do not direct bill benefits plans for the client.

The vast majority of extended benefit plans provide coverage for registered massage therapy. Please check your individual plan for amount of coverage and any limitations. Most major plans now allow clients to apply for reimbursement online and direct deposit, and clients get reimbursed quickly — usually within 2-5 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you Registered?

A: Yes, we are both Registered Massage Therapists. RMTs in British Columbia are regulated by the Health Professions Act (HPA).  The Act requires therapists to pass standard provincial board exams after completing a rigorous training program (currently 3000 hours). Continuing education and adherence to strict practice bylaws is a requirement to maintain Registered status.

Q: Do you direct bill benefits plans?

No. Clients who use their benefits plans’ online portal and sign up for direct deposit get their reimbursements back quickly. Most seem to be reimbursed within 2-3 business days, but some are within 24 hours.

Q: Will my extended health plan cover the cost of my treatment? If so, how much?

A: Each plan is different, but most cover registered massage therapy. Some cover a specific amount per visit (ie $35 per visit) or a percentage (most plans are in this category and cover 80%). Most plans also have a yearly cap, the average being $500. It’s a good idea to contact your human resources or benefits personnel before making an appointment if you are concerned about reimbursement. Some plans may require a Doctor’s referral to make a claim.

We do not bill insurance companies directly, but give you a receipt that you submit to your insurance company. Most insurance companies are now accepting claims online, which has greatly increased speed of reimbursement. Most of our clients get their money back with a week of submitting, and some in less than 24 hours.

Q: Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

A: You don’t need a referral for us to give you a treatment; however, your extended health plan may require a Doctor’s referral in order to receive reimbursement. Call your plan provider or check with your human resources department to find out what you need.

Q: Do you do deep tissue work?

A: Yes. We work deeply enough for the vast majority of clients.

Q: Do you do light treatments?

A: Definitely! In fact, we always work with a pressure that is comfortable for you, even if we are doing ‘deep’ work. We also have techniques can create deep releases without using heavy pressure or causing too much pain.

Q: Is massage therapy safe for pregnancy?

A: Massage therapy is not only safe, it’s highly beneficial for both pregnancy and post-partum recovery. Techniques and positioning are modified to accommodate pregnancy needs. At our clinic we treat pregnant clients on specially designed pregnancy cushions that allows us to treat clients comfortably and safely in a face-down position through their entire pregnancy.

Q: What kind of oil do you use?

A: We use holly oil. It’s a light, plant-based, hypo-allergenic oil that doesn’t stain clothing or block pores.